CoffeeCup is one of the more visual text editors, with a standard split-screen view, but also a live preview to see what your code creates on the frontend. What’s more is that the CoffeeCup text editor comes with several responsive website themes. You may want to start from scratch if you’re trying to learn more about coding, but the themes expedite the process for when you need to generate client websites by a deadline. The text editor is already translated into dozens of languages, and it provides the documentation needed to translate into more languages.

Visual Studio Code is a powerful, extensible, completely customizable, cross-platform text editor created by Microsoft Corporation. It offers users on all platforms a unified environment for building and testing programs in any language for any platform. The Komodo IDE version has real-time code collaboration tools for connecting with other developers on your team and sharing and editing files together. The BBEdit text editor has impressive options for programming as well. For instance, many programmers enjoy the ability to auto-indent and check their syntax for certain scripts like Python and Ruby.

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First of all, you receive a built-in terminal and an inspector to go along with an interface that lets you edit both remote and local files. UltraEdit text editorThe multi-caret selection tool is sure to speed up development by allowing you to delete, paste, and cut anything you would like with the selection from your cursor. They’re displayed side-by-side as you make markdown changes right next to the preview. The feature set from UltraEdit is one of the most comprehensive on this list, so we can’t cover them all. However, we do particularly enjoy the customizable user interface, which allows you to lay out your workspace however you’d like.

  • The handy pin feature allows you to keep it where you will always access it in your Taskbar for extra fast convenience.
  • This will reset the zoom option if the editor was zoomed in or zoomed out.
  • When developing software, you want syntax highlighting, automatic indentation, line numbering, etc.

Download Notepad++ Free for your PC from this website, and with basic knowledge about coding, start operating with this app. Know that Windows XP supports the 7.6.6 version of the app. Notepad++ is one of the safest software products available for free. It doesn’t have any negative side and does not even link with any wrong things. You can download the app with no worry about things on your PC. Considering its availability only in Windows, this app is free, lightweight, open source, and easy-to-use that adheres to WYSIWYG .

) Start the notepad via Windows 10 or Windows 11 search!

Choose the correct previous version and click on Restore. You can also double click on the software icon to run it manually. Type the certain filename into the search textbox in the upper right corner. MiniTool ShadowMaker helps to back up system and files before the disaster occurs. MiniTool PDF EditorPopular PDF tool with tons of features.

If so, please let us know in the comments section so we can all make the most of this awesome code editor. One of the biggest turnoffs of the editor is its design. In times where even Microsoft manages to create a decent user interface for its operating system, Notepad++ looks like it is stuck in Windows 95. Thanks to its open source nature, Notepad++ has plugins for almost anything you need. You can find the full list on this website, however, installing plugins happens through the built-in plugin manager. The goal is to give you an understanding of the features, pros and cons of each editor so you can decide which tool is the right one for you and your purpose.